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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Egg Shop

Well... It was less than Eggcellent (had too)

I don't usually bother to write bad reviews because I figure I don't want to give a place any press if I don't enjoy it. I was soooo looking forward to this place though. It wasn't bad but it wasn't really good either. It was just okay....

Great concept but not the best execution.

The place was cute with minimal decor small white tables and a full bar. Also interesting was the place is super small but was table service.

The menu offered some great selections.

On our table ...

The Egg shop B.E.C. Their play on a bacon, egg, and cheese. Which also included jalapenos and tomato jam.

It was a solid sandwich but for sure not enough for dinner...

Next up was something that I thought would be incredible....

The egg salad sandwich with fried chicken added on. So ya get the chicken and the egg!!! (hah I can't stop)

I turned to see in the open kitchen, a huge stack a fried chicken that was pre-made and sitting out for who knows how long :/

But I wanted to try it still...

First I would like to point out that this was a $14 dollar sandwich... ($10 without the chicken) Everything tasted good but the portions were very small... a thin layer of egg salad with a very small piece of fried chicken.

We also got a side of hash browns and those were really yummy.

So with 2 sandwiches, hash browns, 1 drink, tax and tip was $50. Egg-essive! I'd give it a 5 of 10... not bad
Although I must add we needed to eat something else later...

I can't say I'd recommend it but here is the link to check out HERE

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Venturo Osteria

The owners of Vesta and Pachengo Patterson's have opened a third!Venturo!
Staying true to Queens they've opened up right in Sunnyside.
As it's Counterparts Venturo offers a lot of interesting dishes and a great wine selection.

The walls are covered with bright but simple art and the big bar towards the back is also very welcoming if you're just stopping by for a drink.

On out table:

Started with the Muscles cooked in a garlicky white wine sauce yummmm!

Next up was a perfectly crispy thin crust pizza called Broccolo skipping the traditional tomato sauce and going with bechamel!
Also topped with charred broccoli, pickled onion, and pesto

(this was good for 2 or 1 w no apps)

Then we tried the black and green Lasagna!!! All Veg although don't worry... not too healthy!

Layers of eggplant and kale covered in bechamel and parmigiano.

***Highly Reccomend getting this dish!!!!***

I will be back for sure to try some of the other dishes (and wines)

They also have a Happy Hour from 5-7pm! You can check out the rest of the menu HERE

Monday, June 9, 2014

Pickle Shack

Yes I left Queens and went to BK annnnd to an all veggie restaurant! (didn't even notice) It was a must, Pickle Shack is great! Located at 256 4th ave, Brooklyn this small, simply designed restaurant offers a variety of snacks, salads, sandwiches and desserts! At our table: The Frickles of course! Served with homemade lemon aioli. Also Handcut fries with house made ketchup!
Then tried a sandwich that is not on the online menu but had pickled beets, white bean spread,grilled asparagus, and a white cheddar. It was excellent so much so that I forgot to take a picture. : / whoops! I'm not a 100% sure why they don't have this online but the dessert selection is AMAZING!!! We got the Chocolate hand pulled pie with salted caramel ice cream. This was like an adult version of a poptart in the best way possible. The oozing warm chocolate in the crispy pastry is unbelievable. TRY IT if you go!
They also offer happy hour and outdoor seating! More details and menu here: PickleShack

Monday, May 12, 2014

MP Taverna Astoria

Same Owners as Kefi on the Upper west side the menu offers the same great choices and flavors. There was so much to choose from and the portions are generous so we got a bunch of Mezzi to share! The Dips:
This included a tzatziki, sun dried tomato hummus and eggplant dip. Get all of them! You get a huge portion of pita bread. This is an excellent start! Crispy Cod:
Served in a small cast iron skillet filled with sauce and chunks of bread this dish is excellent and as the name might suggest,it is super crispy but not dry at all. Tomato Salad:
A nod toward the traditional Greek salad with huge ripe, juicy yellow and red tomatoes. With super crunchy green beans and lightly salted feta. Octopus Salad:
Cooked to perfection this chard octopus with the chickpea salad had a nice texture and was very succulent. If you're in the neighborhood definitely stop by! It does get very busy so make a reservation!

Via Trenta Astoria

Brunch in Astoria is getting tough with all the unlimited drinks and amazing food. It's hard to find a spot without a crazy wait on the weekends We lucked out and went right into Via trenta on 30th ave. Tagliolini con Polpa di Granchio al Zafferano: Thin pasta, with jumbo lump crabmeat and zucchini in a saffron sauce!!!!!!
This was the perfect portion! The crab was sweet and cooked to perfection. Simple and fresh! Fettuccine Bolognese Thin ribbon pasta with traditional meat sauce
The sauce of this was just the right amount of spicy and made in house of course! The fresh pasta is great and the place has a good vibe. Good for bunch, with bottles of proseco going at $20 and definitely for a date night!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Milk Flower

Located in the heart of Astoria this new Brick oven pizza place is bringing even more food competition to the block! The place is right next to 2 of the most popular restaurants on the block, Zenon and Il Bambino. It's a feat getting people in with such amazing places surrounding it and yet it was packed!!!!!!!!! The place is no frills, simple wood tables and chairs with a word Milk Flower painted a cross the pizza prep area. Some outdoor seating for when it gets warmer (bonus). Beautiful clay oven and pizza station take up most of the space. It smells incredible inside! At the Table: The meatballs...1/2 pork 1/2 beef and chocked full of garlic!
Brussels Sprout Pizza.... HOLY YUM w ricotta, an egg, and truffle oil this was amazing!!!!
Kale Pizza w cracked red pepper and onion... The flavor+heat and a great crust!!!! = <3 (that def professional food talk)
Pizzas are large enough to share but if you're hungry get your own!!! There were also a lot of 'toasts' for apps that I want to try as well as some salad...so close to home how could I not try this place again. Wine and beer are available and very interesting sodas too! Going on a Friday or Saturday night there will be a wait!!!!(totally worth it though) Website and Menu Here

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Commodre

Holy Hipsters...This place has no sign, no wait staff, and is so BK! I kinda love it... Walking into this dark, seat yourself, bar to the right, dining area to the left can be a bit jarring.....Helppppp! I need direction tell me where to sit!(JK...kinda) The place has amazing character! All orders are taken at the bar... Menu is simple drinks are good and cheap! At the table: The fried Chicken and biscuits, Hot Fish, and the Adult Grilled Cheese. The chicken was spicy and crispy really well done with 2 sauces....the hot sauce was the best! The portion was huge so maybe order this to share. The biscuits were awesome and came with a honey butter....BUTTTTTERRRR nomnomnom! The grilled cheese may have been the best I've ever had...Super simple, not 100% sute what kind of cheese it was but it had some green chillies and was def slow cooked be cause the cheese was oozing out and there was a ton of it! Last was the fish sandwich w spicy slaw. The fish was juicy and flakey with a nice spicy crust. The slaw gave it just the right amount of fresh crunch, it was awesome. I would recommend any of these dishes but next time I want to try the nachos and soups! The drinks are all under 10 bucks!!! I tried the vodka cooler (tea vodka and lemonade) and the planters punch (huge and strong) Both were awesome! There is no website (they're too cool) But the menu is online: Click Here for more info