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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sanford's, NYC Adventures, and Mexicue

It still amazes me how much can be packed into a day in NYC!
 First amazing surprise was that I thought I was gonna have to work and then I didn't!!!!

So started off my Saturday with Brunch at Sanford’s in Astoria.  How did I not know about this place??? It was sooooo yummy.

They offer prefixe brunch menu at 14$ for coffee/tea & either juice/mimosa/screw driver. I had the Florentine Frittata that came with literally the best home fries I've ever had and toast!  (Portions are HUGE here come hungry)
It was so good and fresh!  The home fries were crispy (just how I like em) and well seasoned.

Next was the crunchy chicken ciabatta: breaded chicken with thick but ham and melted cheese on a fresh Ciabatta bread! And because the sandwich isn't enough they come with french fries!
I will be going back here specifically to just try the desserts they had.
After that it was definitely time to loosen the belt!

Now most new Yorkers never EVER do the things tourist do but I really wanted to try and go into the statue of liberty.... Note: you need a whole day to wait in line to go there.  The line was horrific and reminded me of why locals never go here.  But I must say Battery Park is beautiful and if you're on a budget the station Island ferry is free and simple to get to. However not too far of a walk and you get to South Street Sea port where you can spend an entire day!

There are helicopter and boat rides that leave regularly!  I went on the Shark.... SIT IN THE FRONT it is the only way NOT to get soaked.
A 30 min ride is about 24$ and is well worth it!  One of the best ways to get a different view of the city!
They also have sailboat rides as well ranging from 25$-50$ which I want to go back and try for sure.
 At the seaport you can also drink outside!!! This isn't something too easy to come by in the city and the views here were great!  5$ pina coladas, margaritas, and beers!

Then it was back to Astoria to try another fabulous restaurant; Mexicue!

Holy S*** this place was awesome.  First of all the beer list in immense and they offer Delaware beer and you know that hold a special place in my heart  :) Now onto the food

They give you 2 huge tortilla chips one blue corn/one white corn and a shot glass of pureed salsa.  Then we ordered the classic guacamole.  The guac was fresh and so tasty!  They had 3 different kinds and they do a sampling as well!  Only do that if you have like 4 people.

I got the brisket tacos that were STUFFED with enough for 4 tacos.  The meat was tender and so flavorful!  Then because I had no idea what I was getting into ordered the chicken quesadilla with caramelized onions and covered in a spicy sauce.  Only get one or the other or share because I was totally defeated by them and could not finish.

Also at the table was the mexi-q burger covered in gooey cheese and avocados and served up with fries.   This burger was on crack; it was huge!  So good the person had a dream about it the next day!

Another amazing Day in NYC J

Monday, November 18, 2013

Milk Flower

Located in the heart of Astoria this new Brick oven pizza place is bringing even more food competition to the block! The place is right next to 2 of the most popular restaurants on the block, Zenon and Il Bambino. It's a feat getting people in with such amazing places surrounding it and yet it was packed!!!!!!!!! The place is no frills, simple wood tables and chairs with a word Milk Flower painted a cross the pizza prep area. Some outdoor seating for when it gets warmer (bonus). Beautiful clay oven and pizza station take up most of the space. It smells incredible inside! At the Table: The meatballs...1/2 pork 1/2 beef and chocked full of garlic!
Brussels Sprout Pizza.... HOLY YUM w ricotta, an egg, and truffle oil this was amazing!!!!
Kale Pizza w cracked red pepper and onion... The flavor+heat and a great crust!!!! = <3 (that def professional food talk)
Pizzas are large enough to share but if you're hungry get your own!!! There were also a lot of 'toasts' for apps that I want to try as well as some salad...so close to home how could I not try this place again. Wine and beer are available and very interesting sodas too! Going on a Friday or Saturday night there will be a wait!!!!(totally worth it though) Website and Menu Here

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Commodre

Holy Hipsters...This place has no sign, no wait staff, and is so BK! I kinda love it... Walking into this dark, seat yourself, bar to the right, dining area to the left can be a bit jarring.....Helppppp! I need direction tell me where to sit!(JK...kinda) The place has amazing character! All orders are taken at the bar... Menu is simple drinks are good and cheap! At the table: The fried Chicken and biscuits, Hot Fish, and the Adult Grilled Cheese. The chicken was spicy and crispy really well done with 2 sauces....the hot sauce was the best! The portion was huge so maybe order this to share. The biscuits were awesome and came with a honey butter....BUTTTTTERRRR nomnomnom! The grilled cheese may have been the best I've ever had...Super simple, not 100% sute what kind of cheese it was but it had some green chillies and was def slow cooked be cause the cheese was oozing out and there was a ton of it! Last was the fish sandwich w spicy slaw. The fish was juicy and flakey with a nice spicy crust. The slaw gave it just the right amount of fresh crunch, it was awesome. I would recommend any of these dishes but next time I want to try the nachos and soups! The drinks are all under 10 bucks!!! I tried the vodka cooler (tea vodka and lemonade) and the planters punch (huge and strong) Both were awesome! There is no website (they're too cool) But the menu is online: Click Here for more info

Thursday, August 22, 2013

GRK .... It's Greek!

Finally tried this place down town and it was amazing!!! A great friend has been talking up GRK forever and now I get it! Place is set up w 4 spits covered in meat...Beef Chicken lamb and pork! I tried the Chicken Gyro w the kaftero sauce.... effin amaizng!
The sauce is like a tzaziki with roasted red peppers and it's just a little spicy! So So good! The chicken was juicy and so well seasoned! Annnnd because we were there and we haddd to try it...The Chips (fries) with more kaftero Sauce (I think i'm addicted)
If you happen to find yourself in the financial district definitely check it out! Click Here for more info!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chez Sardine

We started with an amuse bouche of something that was similar to kimchi, very light so it was a great way to get started.
We tried the sashimi style arctic char. The flavor was incredible it was smokey and the rice was slightly spicy and crunchy
We also tried 2 spicy tuna hand rolls which were amazing but we were so over excited I never got a chance to take a photo of it...oppps Now we could have been super healthy at Chez... but what fun is that??? Next up were the cod fritters and holy god they were freakin awesome!
Crispy, juicy and full of flavor set up with a side of spicy mayo...Highly recommend as a starter Next, and I was dying to try this, duck chirashi. This is a bowl of amazing. There are so many flavors and textures that go together perfectly it was delish!!!!!! I can't talk about this enough so just try it!!!!
I saw this on the menu and it was a wrap we had to try Foie Gras and smoked cheddar grilled cheese... This was the definition of decadence I mean buttery, cheesy, and rich...
They offer something for every taste and the range of dishes is wonderful. The service was fantastic and the atmosphere was completely relaxed and fun. This adorable Japanese restaurant with french influence is located 183 West 10th Street. Make reservations!!!! Click here for site

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tufino in Astoria

Ditmars in Astoria is poppin! Along with all the other avenues, it's just an insane amount of restaurants and bars. Last night was Tufino's. The restaurant is narrow with the bar to the left and brick oven just past it to the right. This place serves all kinds of Italian dishes but the pizzas were amazing! They were very traditional in that they are cooked at SUPER high heat ...only takes about 90 secs for 1! The crust is soft and it eats like a flat bread...super yummy. We tried the Di maria and the Neapolitan. Both were awesome but Di Maria was the best! Also at the table was a potato and prosciutto as well as a meat ball pie (both with pork so couldn't try). Those were gone within 10 mins! I'm def going back for more ...however once they cooled down they weren't as tasty so I would say no to delivery. Also do yourself a favor and get the chocolate pizza with bananas (you're not too full trust me)... It's like giving your stomach a hug!

Monday, February 11, 2013


This is so much bigger than the original M. Wells!! The food is still awesome... Classroom style seating with the menu on the chalk board and crayons at your desk/table.
Through the bustling open kitchen you can see all kinds of creations being made!
What we had Started with the Oysters Bolognese... I couldn't try bc of the pork but they were gone in less than 2 mins so Im assuming they were delish!
Also to start Chicken Liver Mousse with roasted beets
This was so rich but it was balanced nicely with the beets! Very decadent! Next up was the Froi Gras and Oats This reminded me of an Asian style Congee Savory and sweet with the berries with a nice texture from the different nuts in it. I will order this again next time I go.
Shrimp Spatzel w pork sausage...when served it looked alive ...you have to order to see for yourselves!
Smoked Mackerel w/ potato salad!!!!
Light and fresh with dill and chive garnish but amazingly flavorful I loooooooved it! And because all that wasn't enough...Dessert! Almond Tres Leche with kumquat
errrrrmaaaaagerrrrrd!!!!!!!! Just go try it!!! **Bonus** After brunch you get free admission into the museum! The new M.Well is located in PS 1 on Long Island City Click here for more info